3 of the Best Wooden Play Kitchen Sets for Kids

Wooden play kitchen sets are a wonderful addition to any home with kids in it. Wooden Kitchen sets for kids inspire imagination and creativity and can be a great way to transition kids into cooking in the “big” kitchen with mom and dad. Wooden play kitchen sets allow kids to mimic what they see grown ups doing in the kitchen and can foster a sense of independence and self confidence. kids playing with wooden kitchen set

Among the varieties of kids play kitchens on the market today, choosing a wooden play kitchen set has several advantages. First, they are beautiful to behold, wooden play kitchens are hand crafted with attention to detail. The feel of real wood is far superior to the manufactured feel of plastic or metal. Kids respond well to the feel and look of natural wood. Wooden play kitchens look more like a piece of furniture in your home than another kids toy taking up space and creating an eyesore. The look and feel of wood is timeless.

Here we have reviewed three of the best wooden play kitchen sets for kids available today. They are come from socially responsible companies that use sustainably produced wood and non-toxic coloring and finishes.

Glückskäfer Wooden Play Kitchen with Top

Wooden Play Kitchen Set for KidsGlückskäfer is a family run, German company. They make one of the top wooden play kitchens you will find. The beautiful set includes a wooden oven and stovetop on one side and a sink and cabinet on the other side. It also features shelves and hooks for storing pots and pans and utensils, as well as a pass through window. The double sided unit is great for multiple child households or for inviting friends over to play.

The sink features a removable stainless steel insert for easy cleaning, movable faucet knobs and a roomy cabinet for storage. The oven features an opening door with look through window and movable knobs.

This wooden play kitchen is priced higher than some other options, but the return on this investment will be priceless. It’s quality build and heirloom quality will pay for itself as it is passed on and loved for generations.

Elves & Angels Julianna’s Wooden Play Kitchen with Broiler

Best Wooden Play Kitchen SetElves and Angels is a Maine based company whose toys are all handcrafted in the USA, using sustainably harvested local wood. We love Julianna’s Wooden Play Kitchen for its classic design that is beautifully crafted of Native White Pine.

It features an oven with look through window and opening door as well as an opening broiler oven drawer down below. There is a cupboard next to the oven with space for storing play pots and pans. It also features a four burner stovetop and sink with removable stainless steel sink for easy cleaning.

The beauty of the white pine wood speaks for itself and would definitely not be an eyesore in your home.

Plan Toys Wooden Kitchen Center Plan Toys Wooden Kitchen

Plan Toys is an innovative and environmentally conscious company committed to using sustainable and responsible methods of production for their toys. Plan Toys has even developed its own composite wood that is made from reclaimed wood particles left over from the manufacturing process. Truly a no waste company.

We love this all-in-one kitchen from Plan Toys. The dual sided kitchen center saves space and allows for multiple child play and sharing. It has a slightly more modern look with the red and silver paint and the addition of a dishwasher on one side!

This center features an oven and two burner stovetop on one side and a sink and dishwasher (which can also double as a cabinet) on the other side. There is also a shelf up above and a utensil holder. It’s one of the best wooden kitchen sets that’ll you find.

Beyond Wooden Kitchen Playsets for Kids

Hopefully you have learned a bit about what is available in the world of wooden play kitchen sets by reading our top three reviews. Inspire your kids imagination and creativity and give them a gift that will stay with them for years to come. The quality craftsmanship and beauty and simplicity of these wooden play kitchens will look great in your home and engage creative play.

In addition to wooden play kitchens, you can also find accessories like kids play kitchen pots, pans, dishes and utensils as well as play foods! All the above best-reviewed wooden play kitchen sets, as well as several other options and accessories can be found at various online stores.

Your kids cant wait to start playing in the kitchen!

Why Consider Natural Wooden Toys for Kids This Holiday Season

The holiday’s are just around the corner and for many Americans that means shopping for kids. Whether or not you are a parent, there is likely a child in your family or friend circle that will be on your gift list this year. Kids Toys

Walk into the kids toy isle in any department store and you will likely see the same thing. Shelves stacked with an overwhelming variety of colorful plastic figurines, accessories, electronics, gadgets, etc. All carefully wrapped in more plastic and divided into “boys” and “girls” isles. You will likely find a growing mountain of many of these toys scattered in homes with children across America.

Are these the toys we should be buying for the kids on our gift lists? Lets look at an alternative: natural wooden toys for kids and babies.

Wooden Toys are Timelessly Indispensable

It is only fairly recently, in history, that the toy isles looked like they do now. If we go back a few generations, wooden toys were the norm, and had been for generations before. Children then were perfectly happy to play with wooden toys back then and they still are today! Children have not changed, toys have.

The switch from wood toys for kids to plastic has paralleled a switch from a reusable to disposable product culture and an increasingly consumer culture. Advertisers will have you believe that kids need the latest new this or that, and they are very good at their jobs. But despite all their efforts, wooden toys are not going anywhere. In fact, they are experiencing a resurgence.

Thanks to an increasing number of Eco-conscious parents and environmental awareness, as well as nostalgia for things of the past that were built to last. Wooden Natural Toys

Wooden toys are quality products that are built to last and be passed down through generations.

With wooden toys that are natural, there is no clearly defined line between boy toys and girl toys. The main focus is on quality constructed educational and developmentally appropriate toys. Rather than the main focus of a toy being “to entertain”, wooden toys allow children to harness the magical power of imagination.

Coupled with the very active imagination and sense of wonderment bestowed upon little ones, the simple shapes and textures of wooden toys transform before their eyes to provide endless entertainment and opportunities for learning and growth.

Limitless Imagination & Creativity

As adults, it is easy to forget how deep and limitless the imagination of our young selves used to be. As a result, we may initially think that a child will be bored with a simple wooden toy, and much prefer the plastic thingamajig with all the bells and whistles.

History has proven though, that wooden toys and toys made of natural materials stand the test of time, while their plastic counterparts are more likely to be forgotten of replaced.

By choosing wooden toys, you are also more likely to be supporting small businesses and artisans. This is because most quality wooden toys are not sold in big department stores. To find where to buy them you can try your local toy store or search the web for online retailers.

This Christmas, skip the congested toy isles at big department stores and give the little ones in your life the gift that never goes out of style, wooden toys.