Website Optimization Tips for Local Surgeon SEO Campaigns

The effectiveness of some Internet marketing and SEO campaigns have changed drastically in 2014. Several small business and surgery practices around the world have noticed significant drop in their Google rankings due to changes in the algorithm (mostly due to sketchy SEO practices that were short-lived.)Surgeon SEO Local

Local surgeon SEO plays a crucial role in the acquisition of new patients, as over 69 percent of people find their surgeons online. Any drop in search engine rankings means lower chances of drawing new patients to surgeon’s practice.

Surgeons that rank high on search results carry out local search engine optimization as they understand the benefits. Using surgeon SEO practices definitely puts them ahead of their competitors, which may be you. Some surgeon SEO techniques are now changing and there is less emphasis on keywords SEO specialists are still working on developing techniques after the unveiling of latest Hummingbird update to Google’s algorithm.

Let’s have a close look at some local surgeon SEO tips that will help drive a successful 2015.

Ensure The Site is HTML Error Free

For highest possible ranking, surgeons must ensure that their website is HTML error free. Correct coding in the website will help search engine bots to understand optimization and website structure in a much better way resulting in higher rankings on Google’s Local listings.

Surgeon SEO company,, offers free technical SEO audits for surgeons. This can reveal whether or not your site is rich with HTML errors, or clean and ready for more SEO love.

Segment Your Services Page

If you offer multiple services, break each one of them into individual landing pages. This will help Google algorithm better understand what each of these pages is about rather than just one page that lists all procedures offered by the surgeon.

In addition, Google gives priority to high quality content that’s useful to users. So a list of 10 services is not as useful as 10 separate pages, each of which described one independent procedure and its benefits. Potential patients who’re researching this procedure will also appreciate the added information.

Include Your Name, Address, Phone Number, Sitewide

Localizing your site so that users interested in any procedure in their hometown can easily find you will help boost your ranking on organic search results. Well, Google wants to know what you do, who are you and what’s the best you to find you and this is possible only with right information.

Your locally optimized site should use contact number with local area code on each page, and your business name and address should also be there on each page. These are called citations. And although in this context we’re talking about on-site citations, it’s also important to clean-up or build citations from other online directories for better ranking in the Google local listings. Check out this article for surgeon-specific directories for better SEO.

Leverage Hyper-local Targeting Local SEO for Surgeons

Even if you have a well-optimized Google Places listing, you may notice that Google just ranks you in the city of your address. However, if you’re like other surgeons you cover far more than just your local city. Since Google won’t rank you high for other cities, you will have to build content targeting other areas outside your local city.

Hyper local target marketing includes all local neighborhoods, surrounding area cities, zip codes, and even all well known landmarks. The fact is, when users search local they tend to start near their home before widening their search radius. If someone types in keywords and a neighborhood or local city you need to come up high on the page one of Google if you hope to get their business.

Use Calls-to-Action on Every Page

Viewers looking at your website would wan tot call your office to schedule an appointment about any procedure they’re interested in. So a call to action at the end of every page of your website is very important. A contact form is also helpful since many people prefer to send messages online or may be bit reluctant to speak about their concerns to a live person initially.

These tips are simple solutions that are often overlooked by surgeons, yet could have more patients calling their practice than they’ve ever expected!