Advancements in Modern Bank Security Systems & Vaults

Bank robberies are one of the most lucrative crimes out there, and yet they still occur even with modern bank security systems and vaults. Banks can contain millions of dollars worth of cash and other valuables at any given time. And security is one of the major priorities of modern banks in order to protect their precious contents.

modern bank security system advancements

Very few people actually know what a modern bank security system consists of. In this article, we outline exactly what goes into modern day bank security systems, bank vaults, surveillance cameras, and other forms of advanced security that are used in the real world to keep bank personal, customers, and assets better protected.

Technology Advancements in Bank Security Systems

digital bank securityOne of the hallmarks of a modern bank security system is the fact it makes use of the best that modern technology has to offer. This includes high definition video cameras capable of capturing crystal clear videos of everyone coming and going from the bank. This is then stored both on the premises and remotely to stop any bank robbers from having a chance at destroying evidence. With the help of advanced security systems suppliers that specialize in bank security, it is common for modern banks to ensure that every possible angle is fully covered by cameras.

Perhaps the most visible aspect of modern bank security is the bulletproof screen that exists between the teller and the customer. This is designed to withstand even close-range gun fire and in some cases is even bombproof. The screen is so secure that many bank robbers do not try and penetrate it. Instead, they rely upon scaring and intimidating a member of staff into handing over cash directly. The security screen is probably one of the main reasons that more people do not get hurt during bank robberies.

Structural Systems: Bank Vaults & Safes

New bank safes and vaults present in modern banks make use of some of the toughest materials possible in order to protect their contents. For example, it is common for a modern bank vault to exist behind layers and layers of reinforced concrete or metal. This is designed to stop robbers from being able to drill through the material with industrial drills. All of the best modern banks consider constructing a solid vault from every angle. This means ensuring that there is no possible way to get through the walls from any angle – above, below or to the side.

Modern communication technology is another security feature that helps to stop robberies from progressing. All bank staff have access to a silent alarm which, when pressed, contacts local police directly. This high-speed method of communication is aided by modern communication networks and signal speeds. These allow staff to work safe in the knowledge that help is only the press of a button away, should it be needed.

Many people have only ever experienced a bank robbery in one of their favorite movies or TV shows. But it is clear that there is a security feature in place at every stage of a bank to deter and stop bank robbers. The more sophisticated and high-value the bank, the higher the security. Although there is no perfect security system it is harder than ever before for robberies to occur. This helps to keep money and people as safe as possible at all times.

Bank Vaults for Sale: Pinpoint the Right Models & Features

You swipe your credit card at the store to pay for your groceries and watch as the electronic transfer of funds completes. You smile knowing that you avoided the awkward situation in which your card was denied and you had to try to think of an excuse as to why. bank vault

You know that you have paid real money and you know that when you look at the numbers in your bank account, that the transaction will show. However, it might not occur to you that the money used to pay was not invisible. The money we use in our invisible transactions every day actually exists somewhere deep within a massive bank vault.

Bank vaults have probably made more appearances in movies than any famous actor out there today. The number of scenes in which criminals drill through, blow up, or simply unscrew the door, is extraordinarily high. We love bank vaults as a people, but still so many know so little about them. If you are a banker, manager of a financial institution, or just a person who is searching for bank vaults for sale, then these are all things to consider.

Bank Vault Requirements for Financial Institutions

There are two requirements that must be by financial institutions when it comes to finding new and used bank vaults for sale. The first one is that the architecture must be impressive, and the second requirement is that the walls must be tough. This is usually not a problem since most bank vaults are made of a special reinforced concrete mix and steel.

Bank vaults are still classified by numbers based on how tough they are. The classes range from class 1 to class 5, although in official business roman numerals are used. The official way to write it would be Class I, II, III, IV, and V. There is also a class M which is the least tough safe out there and should not be considered by a quality institution.

These vault classifications are not arbitrary based on how big or strong the vaults look, but rather on how long it takes an expert to breach them. The longer it takes to breach the vault, the better score they get. So a Class III vault would last significantly longer than a Class I while a Class V bank vaults for sale would outlast them all.

The Design of Bank Vaults

bank vault door
Bank vaults rarely look like this.

Other than the class the design and materials should be considered. Most bank vault manufacturers do not have these plans pre-made though since most vaults are built to order. Be wary when you see a sign that says “bank vaults for sale” since most vaults aren’t pre-built.

The bank vault manufacturer would consult with the client to design factors such as shape, size, and location of the door. Thus it is impossible to give advice on these particular subjects. The client would know best what they need and need to consult with the manufacturer to see if it is possible.

The classification of the vault should in essence be all that is required to make a good choice. The thickness of the walls and the materials used are fun factors to consider, but they are already incorporated in the classification system.

Seico Security: Burglar Alarm & Security Systems in Peoria, IL

Seico Security assists various companies, residents, and financial institutions throughout the Peoria and central Illinois with a wide scope of security needs. From designing access control systems for great security to audio/visual system for greater efficiency in the workplace, Seico Security is Peoria, Illinois’s leading supplier of burglar alarms, security, and surveillance equipment and solutions. Seico Security

Seico Security has been recognized as one of the best security system companies for all your surveillance and security needs. Whether it is outdoor and indoor CCTV video surveillance systems, access control systems, fire or burglar alarm systems, photo ID, bank equipment, and alarm monitoring, this company has support and right products to meet all your needs.

Trusted Security Solutions from Seico

Furthermore, security and surveillance systems provided by this company are engineered and custom designed to meet all your security requirements. They create budget sensitive and highly effective security systems regardless of the type and even the size of your property. The following are some of their areas of specialty. These areas include: security camera system

  • Home or residential security and burglar alarm systems
  • Security and surveillance systems for commercial and business entities
  • Video badging, access control and photo ID systems
  • Fire and burglary systems
  • Banking equipment including bank vaults, safes, and teller systems, etc.
  • Digital IP surveillance systems
  • Fire alarm systems and inspections
  • Audio-visual (AV) equipment for many different needs

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Access Control Systems Access Control Systems

Security access control systems provide more than just unlocking and locking doors. Regardless of type or size of the business, door access control system from this security system company is a significant component to better security. Commercial users are able to reduce their reliance especially on keyed locks and create a fob-based or intelligent card-based system which grants access to the chosen individuals only on the specified times and days.

Bank Vaults & Safes

Seico Security offers bank safes and modular bank vaults for sale in many different forms. There bank vaults are design per application, and they offer many top brands, such as Hamilton Safe. They customize each bank vault to maximize efficiency and space. Their bank vaults and bank safes are dependable. They are highly durable and compatible with bank settings.

AV Equipment AV Systems

Seico Security can build communication and even control security using IP video intercom. This involves a network based communication system that can allow an individual to streamline his or her security at delivery, reception, school entrance, office and parking garage among other areas.

Digital Security for Data Servers

Seico Security company design professionals construct custom systems for different access controls functions. The company offers products that can meet a wide range of budgets. They offer various distinct door access systems and even software to make sure that the customer`s facility is safe. When your own facility has 1 door or even 1000, they provide software and access control systems to protect your assets, business, and employees.

In conclusion, Seico Security offers a comprehensive offering of surveillance and security systems suitable for residential applications and communities, businesses, banks, hospitals, and schools throughout central Illinois.