Essential Land Clearing & Earth Moving Technology for Farmers

rotary cutter equipmentTechnology has played a critical role in transforming the agricultural sector. In fact, farmers can now accomplish huge tasks within the least time possible. Among the trending forms of technology in farming are the land clearing and earth moving equipment.

Each of these forms of land clearing and earth moving equipment has their specific roles to play in farming and agriculture. Such equipment is not only designed to make work easier but also to increase productivity. Below are the top essential land clearing and earth moving technology for farmers.

1. Compact Excavators

Compact excavators are the ideal equipment for muscling scrap iron, dredging a river and unloading sand among others. They are equipped with cool running engines for efficient performance at the jobsite. It comes with safety canopy and cab units, broad range of attachments for unlimited versatility and ample leg and headroom with adjustable seat. Moreover, most of the compact excavators come with variable width to provide easier access to tight places at the jobsite. Compact excavators have been designed to tackle the toughest jobs and unleash productivity in places that seem inaccessible or less productive.

2. Rotary Cutters & Crop Shredders

These are used in land clearing during preparation for farming. It is designed in a way that it offers clean and smooth cut regardless of the land terrain. With this equipment, pasture mowing, roadside clearing, orchard manicuring and maintenance have become simple tasks. It does the job faster and easier. Bush Hog is one of the leading manufacturers of rotary cutters and crop shredders. They have 60 years of experience in manufacturing unrivalled rotary cutter and crop shredder equipment. Their equipment can clear vast range of land up to 30 million acres.

3. Skid Steer Loaders

skid steerSkid Steer Loaders are designed to accomplish a broad range of agricultural tasks such as digging, stacking, concrete breaking, cutting, and hauling and much more. They have been built for maximum performance and safety. Skid Steer Loaders are highly versatile and this is why most farmers find them the must-have equipment in earthmoving tasks. Gehl is the leading manufacturer of top quality skid steer loaders that meet the demanding needs of farmers, landscapers and miners in excavating, digging and grinding. With Gehl being a leading producer, it’s often easy to find replacement Gehl skid steer parts. Loading flatbed trucks, dumping over walls and backfilling has become easier with the use of Skid Steer Loaders.

4. Rotary Tillers

Rotary tillers are designed to till soil during seedbed preparation, residential landscaping and gardening among other tasks. It is pretty simple to control the tilling depth and also allows for easier working with next to buildings and fence lines. Land Pride is the leader in manufacturing high-quality rotary tillers used in doing most land preparation tasks. Land Pride rotary cutter parts and tiller parts are some of the best on the market.

rotary tiller

5. Hay Rakes

Hay rakes are used in the collecting straw and cut hay into windrows to be collected later into baler and loader wagon. It is also used in protecting hay from morning dew to dry faster. Hay rakes are designed to save farmers the stress haying. The secret to achieving faster hay drying and tightly rolled bales while preserving quality for easier transportation is by the use of good quality Hay Rakers. Vermeer is an exclusive manufacturer of high-quality hay rakes that stand the test of time for reliable performance.

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