Bank Vaults for Sale: Pinpoint the Right Models & Features

You swipe your credit card at the store to pay for your groceries and watch as the electronic transfer of funds completes. You smile knowing that you avoided the awkward situation in which your card was denied and you had to try to think of an excuse as to why. bank vault

You know that you have paid real money and you know that when you look at the numbers in your bank account, that the transaction will show. However, it might not occur to you that the money used to pay was not invisible. The money we use in our invisible transactions every day actually exists somewhere deep within a massive bank vault.

Bank vaults have probably made more appearances in movies than any famous actor out there today. The number of scenes in which criminals drill through, blow up, or simply unscrew the door, is extraordinarily high. We love bank vaults as a people, but still so many know so little about them. If you are a banker, manager of a financial institution, or just a person who is searching for bank vaults for sale, then these are all things to consider.

Bank Vault Requirements for Financial Institutions

There are two requirements that must be by financial institutions when it comes to finding new and used bank vaults for sale. The first one is that the architecture must be impressive, and the second requirement is that the walls must be tough. This is usually not a problem since most bank vaults are made of a special reinforced concrete mix and steel.

Bank vaults are still classified by numbers based on how tough they are. The classes range from class 1 to class 5, although in official business roman numerals are used. The official way to write it would be Class I, II, III, IV, and V. There is also a class M which is the least tough safe out there and should not be considered by a quality institution.

These vault classifications are not arbitrary based on how big or strong the vaults look, but rather on how long it takes an expert to breach them. The longer it takes to breach the vault, the better score they get. So a Class III vault would last significantly longer than a Class I while a Class V bank vaults for sale would outlast them all.

The Design of Bank Vaults

bank vault door
Bank vaults rarely look like this.

Other than the class the design and materials should be considered. Most bank vault manufacturers do not have these plans pre-made though since most vaults are built to order. Be wary when you see a sign that says “bank vaults for sale” since most vaults aren’t pre-built.

The bank vault manufacturer would consult with the client to design factors such as shape, size, and location of the door. Thus it is impossible to give advice on these particular subjects. The client would know best what they need and need to consult with the manufacturer to see if it is possible.

The classification of the vault should in essence be all that is required to make a good choice. The thickness of the walls and the materials used are fun factors to consider, but they are already incorporated in the classification system.

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