Website Optimization Tips for Local Surgeon SEO Campaigns

The effectiveness of some Internet marketing and SEO campaigns have changed drastically in 2014. Several small business and surgery practices around the world have noticed significant drop in their Google rankings due to changes in the algorithm (mostly due to sketchy SEO practices that were short-lived.)Surgeon SEO Local

Local surgeon SEO plays a crucial role in the acquisition of new patients, as over 69 percent of people find their surgeons online. Any drop in search engine rankings means lower chances of drawing new patients to surgeon’s practice.

Surgeons that rank high on search results carry out local search engine optimization as they understand the benefits. Using surgeon SEO practices definitely puts them ahead of their competitors, which may be you. Some surgeon SEO techniques are now changing and there is less emphasis on keywords SEO specialists are still working on developing techniques after the unveiling of latest Hummingbird update to Google’s algorithm.

Let’s have a close look at some local surgeon SEO tips that will help drive a successful 2015.

Ensure The Site is HTML Error Free

For highest possible ranking, surgeons must ensure that their website is HTML error free. Correct coding in the website will help search engine bots to understand optimization and website structure in a much better way resulting in higher rankings on Google’s Local listings.

Surgeon SEO company,, offers free technical SEO audits for surgeons. This can reveal whether or not your site is rich with HTML errors, or clean and ready for more SEO love.

Segment Your Services Page

If you offer multiple services, break each one of them into individual landing pages. This will help Google algorithm better understand what each of these pages is about rather than just one page that lists all procedures offered by the surgeon.

In addition, Google gives priority to high quality content that’s useful to users. So a list of 10 services is not as useful as 10 separate pages, each of which described one independent procedure and its benefits. Potential patients who’re researching this procedure will also appreciate the added information.

Include Your Name, Address, Phone Number, Sitewide

Localizing your site so that users interested in any procedure in their hometown can easily find you will help boost your ranking on organic search results. Well, Google wants to know what you do, who are you and what’s the best you to find you and this is possible only with right information.

Your locally optimized site should use contact number with local area code on each page, and your business name and address should also be there on each page. These are called citations. And although in this context we’re talking about on-site citations, it’s also important to clean-up or build citations from other online directories for better ranking in the Google local listings. Check out this article for surgeon-specific directories for better SEO.

Leverage Hyper-local Targeting Local SEO for Surgeons

Even if you have a well-optimized Google Places listing, you may notice that Google just ranks you in the city of your address. However, if you’re like other surgeons you cover far more than just your local city. Since Google won’t rank you high for other cities, you will have to build content targeting other areas outside your local city.

Hyper local target marketing includes all local neighborhoods, surrounding area cities, zip codes, and even all well known landmarks. The fact is, when users search local they tend to start near their home before widening their search radius. If someone types in keywords and a neighborhood or local city you need to come up high on the page one of Google if you hope to get their business.

Use Calls-to-Action on Every Page

Viewers looking at your website would wan tot call your office to schedule an appointment about any procedure they’re interested in. So a call to action at the end of every page of your website is very important. A contact form is also helpful since many people prefer to send messages online or may be bit reluctant to speak about their concerns to a live person initially.

These tips are simple solutions that are often overlooked by surgeons, yet could have more patients calling their practice than they’ve ever expected!

Personalized Tank Tops Make for Creative Gift Ideas

Custom Tank Top DesignGiving the gift of personalized tank tops during the holidays is a unique, creative way of showing your appreciation to a friend or family member. Personalized tank tops can be customized in a variety of designs, such as the color, whether or not it is an attractive slim fit or comfy and baggy, as well as what text, artwork or picture is printed on the front.

This makes the custom tank top one of a kind and less chance of someone receiving two gifts that are the same. From simple to complicated designs, there are a million different tank top styles to choose from.

Options in Giving Customization Tank Tops as a Gift

Designing Custom Tank TopsIf you know what the person you are buying for likes, you can pick the color and design of the tank top and make it a surprise. You could also give the person a gift card for a custom tank top and let them decide on a look which suits their personality. There are many websites and online stores that enable users to make personalized tank tops through a simple design tool interface.

The versatility of personalized tank tops makes this an interesting gift for men, women and children. In essence, this gift idea enables people to be creative and show off their individuality.

Those who enjoy receiving clothes as gifts would find these tank tops a unique addition to their wardrobe, while creating a tank top design that really resonates with someone would please people who do not always put clothing at the top of their wish list.

Ideas for Crafting a Creative Custom Tank Top Design

Animal lovers could have a cute cat or dog on their tank top. A well known television show or movie quote that has a deep meaning for the wearer could be written on the front. If the person receiving the gift loves a certain piece of art they could proudly display it on their tank top. Custom Tank Tops from The Neon South

The same method applies to an actor, boy band or song lyric – anything can be placed on personalized tank tops! Do they fondly think back to a certain moment, animal or person in their life? A photograph of that memory, beloved pet or someone close to them can be printed on the front of the clothing to make it a treasured gift. A child’s tank top could feature a much loved cartoon character or display their name in pretty glitter or cool, dramatic stylized text.

Another reason custom tank tops appeal as a gift idea is because the gift shows a personal touch. Taking the time to choose what will appear on the tank top lets the receiver know that you have put thought into their gift, rather than buying something mass marketed and impersonal. For some creative input, you can also check out where there are tons of designers willing to help you actualize your tank top design.

Everyone needs to wear clothes and warm, summer weather is always around the corner. A custom made tank top lets people be original and have something ready for hot days. Whether you decide to keep the gift a surprise and choose the color and what is printed on the tank top yourself or give the person a gift card and let them create their ideal tank top, personalized tank tops allows people to show off their creative tastes and have personal, individual clothing to wear.

When & Why Invest in Calibration Services

To ensure quality manufacturing operations it is critical to make sure that your measuring instruments are calibrated properly. Measuring instruments that doesn’t read accurately can compromise the integrity of your quality assurance documentation and quality control process. Calibration

Inaccurate instruments can destroy confidence in measuring results, and at their worst, can result in manufacturing of nonconforming parts. Calibration services represent an important manufacturing discipline and it should be considered as an investment that builds the foundation upon you can built your quality assurance program.

More than simple adjustments

Calibration services determine the deviation of the indication supplied by a measuring instrument from the true value of the measurement. The results of the calibration process are used for instrumentation and gauge adjustment. However, calibration services go beyond just a simple adjustment, and provide traceability back to a master source. The calibration process comes with extra value added.

A well-trained instrumentation technician will determine the accuracy of the instrument by comparing the measurement with a recognized standard master artifact. The calibration process follows a set of test procedures that are developed for each specific instrument. The measuring operation is performed in conditions near to ideal in order to assure that the instrument is not influenced by intervening factors and the readings show real accuracy and repeatability.

When it comes to calibration services, companies like OQ International have a choice to set up their own in-house calibration laboratory, return gauges to the original manufacturer for calibration, or send gauges to commercial calibration services. Because establishing an in-house calibration service would represent a significant investment in trained personnel, equipment and facilities, using independent commercial calibration services can be a better alternative.

The importance of specialized calibration services Calibration Technician

Companies specialized in calibration services are equipped with state of the art laboratories. The lab environment is well controlled, with all the various parameters such as barometric pressure, temperature, elevation, latitude, and humidity. The accurate measurement of environmental conditions and the precision control and make the main difference between an average industrial calibration laboratory and cutting edge labs like those found in companies specialized in calibration services.

The other important consideration is equipment and instrumentation. In order to accurately calibrate precision instruments is necessary specialized lab equipment such as auto-collimators, interferometers, rotary tables, and gauge block comparators. Because this type of equipment is usually expensive it is generally found only in independent calibration labs.

How often is enough?

Although there are no rules that dictate how often should be performed calibration on the measuring instruments, the main factors that determine the calibration frequency are mishandling and usage.

There are many quality control specialists who are assuming that measuring instruments need be calibrated annually. However, that is not true and calibration process should occur at regular intervals determined on the basis of the manufacturer recommendations, purpose, stability, and usage. Whenever an even occurs that affects the instrument’s accuracy, recalibration should be performed.

There are many available companies that offer calibration services and you have to select the right one depending s upon your particular needs. Always pick an accredited calibration service. The company should provide formal evidence their competency in performing instrument accuracy assessments. A calibration service should indicate the industry standards used by the procedure and provide a report that states the accuracies of measurement results, the resolutions, and the tolerances.

New Technology Advancements That Can Help Support Your Small Business

Just a few decades ago business was done without Internet, email, telecommuting, video conferencing, mobile marketing, or smartphones. Now huge amounts of data move through the Internet and email, communications are instantaneous, and powerful tools are in the hands of small business owners and their employees. Innovations and advancements in technology have improved small business operations and helped to turn small local businesses into global players. Small Business Technology Support

The explosion of the mobile technology and Internet brings seemingly endless potential of how they can be used to support your small business. This is keep changing every day and undermining the traditional structures of working that have prevailed for centuries. These changes have had a big impact on the ways the business world operates. This technological revolution is removing barriers in the way of free communication between people.

Embracing The New Wave of Business IT

Grace to the major technology advancements, we can now read, advertise, shop and bank with our mobile device. The convergence of mass mobile devices with the readily available internet services is challenging traditional business models and has delivered unimaginable benefits to both brands and consumers. From the way in which companies invest in small business software solutions to how they embrace IT support and consulting, the advancements today have had profound changes in how small business operate and thrive.

Due to the technology advancements and instant connectivity everywhere, the society is going through a radical makeover. This is increasing the velocity of business and changing our infrastructure needs. The demand for access to applications and business information through mobile technologies such as the iPad and iPhone, using Blackberry or devices running Windows 7 Mobile and Google Android is surging. Mobile technology allows employees to use company resources from anywhere. If security and protection of unique data is important, it’s critical to invest in network security and backup for small business operations

Leveling the Playing Field Among Big Corporate Players

Mobile devices can help employees stay productive whether the staff is our on sales calls, travelling to meetings, working from home or from a client’s site, or from anywhere on the globe. New technologies lead to new ways of working and mobile IT devices will change the way of doing business. Your team can become more creative and efficient.

Computer Network Support BackupFor the very first time the new technology advancements allow small businesses to level the playing field with larger corporations. Proactive small-business owners need to keep up with all these changes in technology. Advances in technology can make running your small business less expensive and easier. A small business can take advantage of technological advances in many ways:

  • Reducing business costs – Technology can reduce business costs by automating back office functions such as accounting, record keeping, and payroll.
  • Improve communication – Business technology can improve the communication processes through texting, emails, digital apps, and websites.
  • Potential increase in business – Small businesses are able to reach new economic markets by taking advantage of the technology advancements. Rather than just selling their services and consumer on the local market, small businesses can now reach national and global markets.

Another trend within the digital economy is using collaboration and sharing. High speed broadband allows video conferencing. Cloud computing allows collaboration and sharing via the Web. Harvesting expertise from people not employed by your business through LinkedIn and other social media networks is another notable trend.

New Opportunities to Grow with Technology

Besides the Internet, cloud computing, and mobile devices, other new advancements in technology can help support your small business as well. Facial recognition, augmented reality and virtual reality can help support the marketing efforts of a small business. New technologies also offer new opportunities to create and sell new products and services.

For example, investing in a 3D printer allows a small business to enter the market of 3D printing services. The miniaturization of the genetic analyzer tools allows a small business to invest in such a cutting edge technology and to offer genetic analysis services for people interested in their family tree and heritage.

Rail Weighing Scales for High-Volume Payload Management, Optimized

Rail weighing scales are high-volume weighing systems used in many commercial and industrial applications. Among their many applications are: shipping and logistics mining, food processing, agri-food productions, forestry, and other forms of resource extraction. Any business involved in weighing high-volume loads can benefit from using rail weighing scales.

Rail Weighing Scales

There are many options available and with advancements in today’s technology each rail scale has its unique set of capabilities and features. From simple scales only for weighting to advanced scales that feature remote driver displays and tracking, the choice will depend on your needs and specific application.

Types of Rail Weighing Scale Systems

There are two main categories of rail weighing scales:

Static rail scales

Static rail scales are used to weigh stationary rail cars that stand still at the weighing site. Static rails are used in places where exact precision is emphasized and the loading duty is not continuous or too intense.

In-motion rail scales

In-motion rail scale systems are advanced rail scales that can measure rail cars while they’re in motion. The advanced features and weighing capabilities of the scale measure the axle, the rail car, and content as it’s moving through the weighing site. In motion rail weighing scales are more convenient and efficient since they provide a continuous weighing process. One leading source is to opt for in-motion rail scales by Walz Scale. Check out how these scales work by viewing the video below:

Features and Functionality of Rail Scales

Rail scales have become essential in monitoring payloads. Weighing rail cars, especially those involved in mass production and in mining, are crucial for these industries. A typical rail scale has features that help quick weighing. Every rail scale has two main set of features: track side and rail side components:

  • Rail-side components – features include connection bars, sensors, cables, pre-drilled joint bars, and portable rail scale sections. These features are installed on the rail. The rail side features are used to measure weights of the rail cars passing through.
  • Track-side components – features include tracking and computing systems such as devices, remote displays, software, and power source. The track side features help in decision making

    Rail Weigh Scales

Other specific features vary for each equipment. Some rail weighing scales come with advanced software to monitor data and analyze the information. There are also some options for portable weighing scales for rail and trains.

High-Volume Payload Management, Optimized

If you are an agricultural producer, a farmer, or a mining site operator, you can take advantage of optimized high-volume payload management with rail scales. The built in tools for payload management help users to customize their system for their business. Among these advanced software tools are off site access, automatic vehicle builder, customized report builder, and more.

The software for payload management can run on any laptop or personal computer with Windows operating system. The software suite is specially designed for the needs of global business environment and is based on cloud technology that allows you to access your payload data anywhere in the world. Portable Rail Scales

Some of the areas of use for a volume payload management system are pipeline, agriculture, oil and gas, asphalt industry, paving, road construction, mining, construction, forestry, sanitation, landscaping, and transportation.

The payload management system’s built in interface provides numerous benefits:

  • Bed scanning System
  • In-motion payload weighing
  • Video Vehicle recognition
  • Remote weight display
  • RFID system
  • Handheld interface options
  • Remote messaging display
  • Driver alert lights

To learn more, check out some of the advanced rail scales at This manufacturer provides all of the rail scale systems mentioned in this post, including in-motion and portable rail scales.

Can a Home Automation System Make Your Life Easier?

Could you imagine yourself walking into your home after a hard day’s work and everything would simply turn on? The lights, heating system, air conditioning system, and everything else you can imagine. Home Control Automation

Well, this kind of technology is within reach because of the advanced home automation system technology of today. In fact, you don’t even need to exert any effort just to turn on the lights or your air conditioning system.

Through the use of remote control (or in some home automation systems, your smartphone or tablet) you can enjoy a great innovation that would certainly make your life more comfortable and convenient. It’s also a reason why a lot of homeowners are starting to invest in home automation systems.

Added Safety Through Lighting and Appliance Control

Home automation system offers safety for both your family and home. It gives you the ability to control small appliances and lighting. With a simple tap of your finger, you could easily control your favorite technological devices with ease. Likewise, you could always ensure that your daughter turned off her hair straightener or that your oven has been turned off after preparing a meal. Aside from that, your home and family would also enjoy an added measure of security through the ability of being able to control the lights in your home.

Likewise, aside from giving you an assurance that your lights would be off when not in use, you could also modify the settings, turning them on at specific times. Not only would you conserve electricity, but this would also help in ensuring the safety of your home. Some companies provide a one-touch home automation system that streamlines all of these settings based on your preferences.

Secures Home Through Door Locks

One of the greatest benefits of utilizing automated systems in your home is the automated locks. We all know that there were instances where we forget to lock our front door. However, with an automated system, it’s possible to lock the doors with just the tap of your finger.
You could focus on your work and you’ll have the peace of mind that no one would enter your home. It’s also a great advantage if you have to leave for work before your children goes to school. Oftentimes, kids forget to lock the doors, but with the home automation system, you could easily control the situation even if you’re in your office.

Awareness Through Security Cameras Home Automation Security

It’s impossible to see everything at the same time. Thus, there will be instances where we’ll often miss things that happen in our home or yard. However, with a home automation system, you could keep an eye on what’s happening– through the help of security cameras.

Home Automation Systems Save Time & Money

Due to the high-tech nature of home automation system, you’ll never have to worry about running home, just to open the door for your kids, or do a quick check just to ensure everything’s in order. You’ll be able to save a lot of time while increasing your productivity.

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, a home automation system would allow you to save a lot. For one, you’ll be able to conserve your electricity and there’s no need worry about house appliances left running even when no one’s home. You’ll have a complete control of everything. In fact, many customers of this home automation provider in Bloomington, IL have claimed to save a significant amount of money by keeping utilities bills at an all time low with their home automation system.

Home Automation Can Enhance Peace of Mind

Lastly, for those who worry a lot about whether or not they’ve taken care of everything around the house before leaving, a home automation system could be a perfect investment. It’ll give you the peace of mind that you need, because you’ll have full control of your appliances and other things around the house even when you’re not there.

There are tons of reviews on home automation systems, so you should have no problem finding a system that works with your home, your preferences, and your budget.